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Why does Yuma produce leakage protective plugs?

       Chinese alternating current safety standard is 14mA, if above it, causes human body numbness,  sharp pain, breathlessness, and difficulty to get rid of current source threatening life.
        Normally every family installs miniature circuit breaker ( MCB) to prevent leakage accident, however, its regular protective action current is 30mA, in addition, many wires and equipments connecting on it, due to insulation problem,there is approx 8mA leakage current, if we set the MCB standard as 10mA, which easily leads to false tripping and affect the normal use of electricity. It’s why MCB standard should have to be set as 30mA that already far beyond safety range as 14mA.
       In order to cover the shortage of MCB, a leakage protective plug comes reasonably, its leakage protective current is 10mA and interrupt electricity within 30ms, besides, a leakage protective plug is particular to the appliance, will not result in false tripping. It really plays a role in protecting the safety of people and property, and this is why we as Yuma appliance dedicates to leakage protective plug producing.

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